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One of my travel highlights this year was definitely Bali.

Especially the food inspired and enchanted me every day.

At every corner there are so-called warungs, small restaurants, partly in snack form, in which one can eat very cheaply.

What surprised me at first was that you can not only eat inexpensive delicious local dishes in Bali, but also find many, very modern restaurants that you could just as well place in New York 😉

My favorites for you. Here we go.

– Canggu, Ubud , Uluwatu and Seminyak –


The Shady Shack

The food is incredibly tasty, the atmosphere super relaxed and quiet, as the restaurant is not directly on the main street, where motorcycles are constantly passing by 😉 You sit completely in the green and can enjoy the atmosphere in Bali completely.

Crate Cafe

You order and pay at the front counter and then you get a number plate. The food will be brought to the table. Although it looks like an open warehouse, it has a great atmosphere. The food is excellent, no matter what you take. I would recommend bread with avocado or blubes. Also an ice coffee and smoothie, as well as the smoothie bowls are great. The costs for all drinks and meals are between 30-55k. We were certainly 3 times there to eat, mostly for breakfast or for a snack 😉


Pancake Heaven. You can’t get past these delicacies. A dream in pink, with infinitely delicious food in Seminyak. You won’t forget this visit any more.


I Am Vegan Babe

Relatively new and already popular. All vegan. 100%. If you’re looking for normal me, honey or butter, you won’t find it here. And although the concept is very healthy, the food tastes great.


Peloton Supershop

A completely vegan restaurant. The Mecca of fancy food. Everything from nachos with cheese to lasagna. Terrific. Try it.


Sayuri Healing Food

Although there are many very good restaurants in Ubud, this is still my absolute favorite. I’ve been to Ubud twice for about a week and couldn’t resist eating a meal here at least every other day, the vegan and mostly even raw vegan dishes are so incredibly delicious.
Super offer, super prices, casual cosy atmosphere. Try it.


Clear Cafe

The Clear makes it clear from the outside what it’s about inside. The entrance area is like the gateway to paradise for yogis, vegetarians/vegans, conscious and healthy eaters. But first, it’s “shoes off.” Afterwards the cafe welcomes you with a light-flooded interior. We opt for a low table at the Koi pond and order from the extensive colorful card scrumbled tofu, coconut latte and fruit. Heaven. I’ll be back.


The Loft

All typical Bali dishes can be found here. The prices are fair, the food is delicious. The café has a modern and open design and offers both indoor and outdoor seating. From the map I can recommend the waffles and Pitaya Bowl.


Bukit Café

Everyone will find something here. In addition to breakfast and lunch there is also dinner, so that you can go there at any time of the day. We were there in the morning. Mango bowl, coffee, smoothies, avocado bread. Very tasty.

I hope I could give you some helpful tips for your future Bali trip.
Enjoy the time there and especially the delicious food.
Love, Nathalie.

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