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Friends, today we come to a very personal theme, that some of you seem to be interested in. My breast augmentation.

I must honestly admit that I absolutely cannot understand that some people have a problem with women increasing their breast size. Disgust? Envy? However, it is and remains your own choice.

I decided after a long time back and forth, conversations with family, friends and my Doctor since 2015.

In January it was so far away and you can believe me, I was so incredibly nervous. My mama & boyfriend of the time had brought me to my surgeon the day after Munich, waited until he came to sign everything and finally everything was ready to go.

Then it started pretty fast. Into the operating room and then I was put to sleep. When I woke up, my loved ones were around me again. I actually had no pain, it was more of an unusual feeling, covered by nervousness and joy.

I stayed there one night. It all went perfectly. Pain absolutely tolerable and no side effects or similar.

Let us now go to the most frequently asked questions.

Where: Dr. Caspari, Munich (Http://www.dr-caspari.com).

When: 12 January ‘ 15.

Why: For me. Quite easy. No one else. Had thought over 2 years, so was nothing rash. I felt absolutely uncomfortable and cried an infinite amount.

Would you do it again: It was the best decision of my life. I love my breasts. I feel so much more comfortable in myself. Indescribable.

How much did it cost: €9450. It is an investment for life and I would never do it differently. It was worth every euro (https://www.dr-caspari.com/brustvergroesserung-muenchen/).

which implant and method: Drip-shaped, over the pectoral muscle and my cut is around the nipple. So you see almost nothing.

Change of implant: Life-long warranty.

Pain: I would describe it more like an incredibly strong muscle hangover. However, the feeling of happiness quickly evaporates the pain. What a great feeling to finally be satisfied.

I hope I could answer you the most important things and take away your fear.

Good luck.

Love, Nathalie.

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