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January 2017 – Spontaneously and without real plan, moved to Sydney.

Me? The biggest family person ever? I was surprised that I had the strength. I’m kinda still perplexed when I think about it.
An unknown city, almost no contacts, I’ve been here just two times before.

Sydney wasn’t even in my mind before my trip around the world. Move there? Ridiculous. Unimaginable.

I just wanted to get out of ‘ my home ‘. To be on my own. No Mum, Dad, Grandma or friends. Just me.

Berlin? Cologne? Hamburg? All too close.

Sydney? About 16,000 miles from home? Halfway around the globe? I’ll take it.

Matthew picked me up from the airport without any idea what was going to happen. I really just wanted to stay with him for the first few weeks & now? But that’s another story.

At first I often felt alone and would have preferred to fly home for the weekend. $1000 on a flight? Rather not in it.

Bitten by. Cried. Laughed. Had fun and felt homesick.

Here was summer. Absolutely my time of year. The sun shines at 35 degrees in the shade. BBQ’s outside on the balcony, lying on the beach and feeling the sand, listening to the sea and smiling. Terrific.

More and more I have fallen in love with the city and people here.

I quickly met new people. So everyone is so irritated by this side of the Earth. Spontaneity. Serenity. Definitely something unstructured and chaotic. No problem.

So far away in this giant metropolis. So big and yet so small. Far away from all that I accustomed to and yet quickly settled is how I felt.

I have done things that I would never have trusted in myself. Many others certainly do not. Do not live within the comfort zone. Somethings went wrong, others went well. Even very good. I found myself somehow again. No one around you that is there to protect you. Sometimes it’s what you need.

I started thinking about a lot of things. My life in Munich, my plans, future and friends. What a significant word. Friends. This distance shows you who is with you, takes your side, from far away, and goes still with you. Without meeting or much contact, time or a hug, they are still closer to you than ever before. They’re real friends. This is the world. My world.

I didn’t like anything in to just fall into my lap here in Sydney, but I was all about it. Every investment, sweat, tear and effort has paid off at some point.

What I have learned here so far without any doubt is that a positive attitude can change everything. Not just for you. The people around you feel that too. Sometimes even more than you do. Much more.

I’ve been here for over 5 months and can say I’m happy. Here and now. Satisfied and happy. I recognise myself again and feel good. Proud somehow.

Every morning I wake up with a smile. Not only because I’m happy, but also because some of the people here make me very happy. Every day. They showed me the world from another side. Your world. Thankful is what I feel.

I often do not even recognise myself anymore. Not so bad. Changes are part of this. Australia happened at the perfect time. To fall into the cold water that I needed. For myself and my own little world. Which is exactly as it should be.

And suddenly I realise how much I have learned to love the city here and the people who make me happy. Even if I’m not staying here, I’m sure I’ll be back. I may have changed. Learned more. I am ready to go new way and explore.

Love, Nathalie.

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