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‘End of Summer’ Day

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I flew from the Australian winter directly into the German winter, perhaps not quite a well thought out plan. So I can even join Diana’s ‘End of summer day?’

My friend Nora invited me to participate. Awesome– done. Here we go.

Favorite Holiday this summer?

All my last 8 months were kind of a huge holiday. Even though I was in Australia, everything was new, exciting and beautiful. Emotional chaos. Far away from home. And yet somehow arrived. Sydney – Melbourne – Hunter Valley.

Did you have a summer bucketlist and if so, did you tick it off?

‘ I want to buy a camera ‘ – ‘ I want to be a little less on my mobile and enjoy my free time outside of social media ‘ – ‘ I’m exploring Australia this year ‘ – ‘ I want to not make stress thinking about food ‘ – ‘ a dog, that would be wonderful ‘–‘ I want to Share more of my thoughts on my blog ‘ – ‘ Get up early to see the morning waking up ‘ – ‘ Walking by the sea at night – Alone ‘ – ‘ experience Kangaroos from very close ‘ – ‘ Create my own website ‘

These thoughts buzzed around in my head at the beginning of the year.

Less time on the phone? That didn’t really work out. I need to work on this. For me and the wonderful people around me. Everything else I could tick off.

Pool, lake or sea?

Sometimes it just has to be sea. The sound of the waves and the salty air. Indescribable.

What was the most spontaneous thing you did this summer?

In March, it was Summer in Australia, so I guess that counts. I have surprised my Mum, Grandparents and Dad in Germany. No one knew I was coming.

When does the summer end for you?

With the last ice cream that I’m going to buy in the sunshine. With thick wool socks on the couch. Tea instead of fresh juice. Then the fall.

One thing you’re going to do for the next summer?

I really want to go back to a music festival / bush doof. Subsonic was the absolute madness. More dinner & Wine dates with my girlfriends and best friends. I was so lacking in Australia.

The best food this summer?

Fresh hummus with a warm baguette from SHUK, pumpkin baguette with chanterelles in fluorine drum and a delicious glass of Muscato. Thats life. I tell you.

Were you at a concert?

Not a real concert, No. However, Matt is DJ and, how should it be otherwise, I was doing so at many festivals, events and parties.

Favorite beauty product in summer?

Coconut oil. No matter if for hair, skin or nails. Allrounder. Who does not like waking up in the morning and everything smells of the Caribbean, because in the evening before, my hair was oiled with it.

A special moment that you will surely never forget?

My birthday. Without family and friends. At the other end of the world. So lonely and yet so perfectly happy. Matt woke me up with three big bouquets of fresh flowers. From my Mum, my D and him.

If you would like to join in the summer vibe, I would be very happy. Enjoy the last warm, gold-shining sun rays on your skin and have a beautiful time.

Love, Nathalie.

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