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Advertisement / Those who follow me on social media may have noticed a few days ago that I have undergone a somewhat newer, but currently increasingly popular treatment: Cryolipolysis (coolsculping).
Put simply, the fat is frozen away.

Without sport and without diet? Sounded like a PR stunt to me until recently. But it’s actually not.

What is cryolipolysis anyway?

If fat cells are exposed to cold below 4 degrees Celsius once or several times, they can be destroyed. The corresponding fat tissue is sucked in with a special applicator and cooled down in a previously defined time frame (thigh inner sides 30 minutes each and abdomen 75 minutes) with the aim of causing fat cell death. In the weeks and months that follow, the damaged fat cells are to be broken down, excreted and reduced.

Where did I get the whole procedure done?

I was at the aesthetes in Munich in Tal under the assistance of Dr. Rösken. An absolute recommendation. The team, the doctor and the whole atmosphere reassured me immediately and I felt very well taken care of.

My Procedure – Aesthetes 3-Step Algorithm

The 3-step algorithm used by Dr. Rösken and the aesthetes goes far beyond regular cool sculpting treatment and aims to improve possible results.

Three steps:

  • Dynamic ultrasound (acts like a pressure wave in the tissue and ensures that the spaces between the cells in the fatty tissue are enlarged) as a preparatory loosening of the fatty tissue. The cold that is released during the Coolsculpting treatment can better surround each individual cell and attack it.
  • Cryolipolysis with the FDA-certified Coolsculpting device
  • Radial acoustic shock waves to further damage the fat cells “frozen” by the Coolsculpting treatment.

Can you get an anesthetic?

No, anesthesia is not necessary.


Does cryolipolysis cause pain?

Cryolipolysis causes a slight feeling of cold and pressure at the beginning and end of the treatment. The skin becomes numb in the meantime. I wasn’t in any pain.



The cost for the Coolsculpting treatment is 500 Euro per region without pre and post treatment ( financing is offered).


When is cryolipolysis the right solution?

Of course every person is different and therefore general statements are always difficult.

  1. Average-weighted people, who have regionally limited, stubborn fat pads, for whom neither healthy nutrition nor sport can help.
  2. Patients who do not wish to undergo liposuction under any circumstances or are unable to do so for health reasons.


Why cryolipolysis with Coolcsulpting?

No other system offers more safety, has proven its quality in so many scientific studies and can be used so flexibly. Especially the multitude of treatment attachments of different sizes and shapes offers a high degree of individuality 🙂


Why pre- and post-treatments?

The tissue is loosened up, then cooled and subjected to strong vibrations during the sensitive phase of “thawing”. The result is a maximum physical tissue effect.


Do you have bruises afterwards and are you allowed to do sports?

Of course, I can only speak from my experience, but I have not suffered any side effects, stains or subsequent pain. I had done sport again the next day 🙂


When can the desired result be expected?

Since the fatty tissue does not have to be removed by suction, but is broken down by the body itself, the result can only be seen after 3-5 months. The reason lies in the fact that the body’s own inflammatory cells need a certain amount of time to migrate into the fatty tissue and slowly but surely break it down.


Is it possible to perform this method several times in a row?

Of course this is possible, but you should wait a few months between cycles to see how much fat has been broken down.


Can’t I achieve the same effect myself with refrigeration pads from the freezer at home?

Cryolipolysis cools down only the fatty tissue to the exact temperature needed to damage only the fat cells and protect the other tissue.

This means that the skin, nerves, muscles, etc. survive this treatment without any idamage. At home, however, uncontrolled and exact cooling isn’t possible, which can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and thus to irreversible damage, especially to the skin but also to muscles, nerves and blood vessels.

I am very excited to see what changes will happen in the next 12 weeks and will share the final result with you.

Have you ever tried this method of treatment? What experience have you had? Let me know with pleasure.

Love, Nathalie.

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