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Since I have been doing my morning routine, I no longer need an alarm clock. My body wakes up relatively early all by itself. This makes me a lot more productive and satisfied 🙂

Today I would like to give you a little insight into these and perhaps create an incentive to try one or two of these suggestions.


Get up before 7 a.m.

 Every morning I jump out of bed at about 6:45am. Before that, I give myself 5 minutes to really wake up, collect my thoughts and start the day in a positive way.


Measure temperature

With the temperature method, you can use natural contraception. I measure my temperature right in the morning before I get up and enter it into an app. This reading is an indirect measure of my hormone level 🙂 My thermometer and app: https://www.naturalcycles.com/de

Bathroom, getting dressed and then some fresh air

No makeup, real finishing or anything like that. I wash my face with ice-cold water, rinse my mouth, clean my tongue (tongue cleaner) and put on my sports clothes. Easy and comfortable. Time to go, outside into nature with Zoey (french bulldog). I listen to music, answer messages or write down my thoughts. Me Time.


Drink, drink, drink

I neglected this point for a long time and found it not so important. No way. Right when I get back home, I’ll have a litre of water. 


Yoga or bodyweight training

Before I prepare my breakfast, I try to train or do some kind of sporty activity (the walk earlier is the perfect warm up).

I do 30-60 minutes of yoga, cardio or body weight exercise. Depending on my mood. Fitness should be fun and you should not have to force yourself to do it.


Time for my breakfast & supplements

Probably the most important meal of the day (at least for me). I love Smoothie Bowls, chia pudding, porridge, avocado toast, ..

Mainly lots of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. My energy for the day.

In addition, some supplements 😉 

While I enjoy my first meal, I watch videos of my favourite YouTubers or surf a bit through my social media 😀

Beauty time

Off to the bathroom. Shower, brush your teeth, beauty products and everything else you need. I love this part and enjoy the time a lot.


Productivity and work

E-mails, cooperation requests, telephone calls, planning, … All this is part of my everyday life and I love it. My job fulfils me completely and I couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful at the moment.


Your morning routine could look similar or completely different. It can consist of simple things, such as a glass of water after getting up, showering or a certain breakfast. I look forward to your suggestions and tips on this topic 🙂

Love, Nathalie.

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