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New York – Food Hotspots

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In the land of unlimited possibilities, the possibilities for vegans are almost endless.

 Between paleo, raw, gluten-free and other diets, veganism in the metropolis is completely normal and standard. As a vegan in NYC you will get something in every restaurant, but of course you have the choice between countless pure vegan restaurants, snack bars and bakeries.

There is no need to go to a not purely vegan place..

Cafes and Restaurants.

Two Hands

Superfood as an ideal refreshment for a day in New York. If you are looking for a healthy, simple and super tasty breakfast and if you are still reminiscing about your last holiday in Australia, you should not miss this small, fine café. Absolutely recommended 🙂

Website: https://www.twohandsnyc.com


Relatively small selection of food – but what they have is really top – very fresh, very good. In the open kitchen there are 2 cooks, what they do here is impressive.

Website: http://www.dudleysnyc.com



The ambience, the food and the cocktails are fanatical. The waiters are very obliging only to the loud background music you have to get involved 😉

Website: http://cafeteriagroup.com


Beyond Sushi

Sushi lovers. 3 shops in the city (Union Square, Chelsea Market and Midtown West) and with unexpected new variations such as black rice, kiwi, mushrooms and sprouts one is spoiled. There are also wraps, salads and desserts such as Chia Pudding & Cookies.

Website: https://beyondsushi.com



Vegan options. No problem. No problem. What is better than eating frozen yogurt with fresh fruits and dark chocolate on a hot day in NYC? Right, nothing.

Website: http://www.pinkberry.com


Jack’s Wife Freda

If you want a special breakfast, this is the right place for you. Hip mediterranean restaurant, in the middle of SoHo. If you are lucky, you spontaneously get a table without a long wait.

Website: http://jackswifefreda.com


By the way, there is a smoothie and juice stand or a shop at just about every corner where you can also get fruit salad for in between.

The vegan variety in the supermarket is also exciting. Whole Foods. It still doesn’t get cheaper there if you buy your food for a picnic instead of going out to eat, but there is a lot to discover. Ask for the vegan pizza.


It becomes a little more favorable with Trader Joe´s. Vegan burritos and the blue corn chips with quinoa and hummus or vegan cream cheese. So good. Also vegan ice cream sandwiches and snickerdoodles for dessert.


Dun-Well Doughnuts

Donuts somehow belong to the USA experience. Here these are not only all vegan, but also super delicious. Who could resist a chocolate donut with Rainbow Sprinkles?

Website: http://dunwelldoughnuts.com


So, this is my farewell. Bye bye, maybe I’ll see you in New York 😉

Love, Nathalie.

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