A rainy Sunday. It’s cold. Uncomfortable. Warm porridge in bed. Perfect. Just perfect.

Thick socks and sweatpants. The blanket pulled up to the tip of the nose. The window’s open. The rain makes the music.

What could be better than hours of inactivity and being enchanted by different characters?

Since I subscribed to Netflix, I can literally see how dust settles on my books and time flies by.

Here come my series tips and current favorites. Lets go.


The Denver Clan (Netflix)

Fallon Carrington is a smart and cunning businesswoman who believes she will soon become the new COO of Carrington Atlantic, her father’s company. But Blake shocks his family by introducing them to Cristal, her future stepmother. From now on, Fallon leads a total war against Cristal and her dad, leading to a partnership with Blake’s biggest rival, Jeff Colby.

Super exciting, with everything your heart desires. The Denver Clan is full of intrigues, love stories and power games. The sayings, the bitching, all the twists – “Dynasty” has everything an entertaining drama series needs. Of course many things are exaggerated, but that’s what makes the series so much fun.

Genre: Soap Opera

The Haunting Of Hill House (Netflix)

This series is about five siblings who grew up as children in a house that would later go down in history as the most famous cursed house in the country. As adults they have to return there after a stroke of fate and face the spirits of their past. Some of these still drift around in their minds.

A great Haunted-House series in which the spook is rather unobtrusive. Fortunately, this doesn’t live from constant jump-scares or exaggerated horror elements, but rather from the drama around the family life of the Crains inside and outside the Hill House. Worth it.

Genre: Horror


Elite (Netflix)

Bye, bye Gossip Girl – Hello Élite! The new Netflix series brings you eight episodes of thrills, quarrels and intrigues at their finest. The best school in Spain has to host three students from the surrounding area because their school was destroyed by an earthquake. Of course, there are discrepancies from day 1. Samuel, Nadia and Christian have problems adapting and are not respected. Especially Guzmán finds it terrible that the three of them are at his school. His sister Marina, on the other hand, is much more open and invites her directly to her birthday party.

Genre: Drama


Money Heist (Netflix)

For months the protagonists around the ingenious professor are planning a seemingly perfect robbery of Spain’s banknote printing plant. In the beginning, their plan seems to work. But then some variables change and a race against time begins. Their hostages rebel and the professor seems to like the Inspectora.

One of the best shows I’ve seen in years. It does have (especially towards the end) smaller holes in the logic, but the fantastic actors and the great staging easily outweigh that.

Genre: Thriller


Watched & loved

Better Call Soul (Netflix)

This got me. Spin-off to “Breaking Bad”.

Jimmy McGill is a rather small fish in the legal world and therefore constantly has to struggle with financial problems. Still in search of his true destiny, he is threatening to get himself on the wrong track bit by bit. The perfect mixture of humour and real life. I love it. I love it!


Modern Family (Netflix)

The sitcom in the style of a mockumentary looks at the lives of three quite different but nevertheless connected families. I’m addicted to the show. If I could watch for hours, no joke.


The Blacklist (Netflix)

Why didn’t I start earlier? Seriously. Seriously. Absolutely my style.

First a respected officer of the US Navy, today ‘Red’ is one of the most wanted criminals in the world even though he disappeared from the scene 20 years ago. So it is all the more surprising that Reddington suddenly shows up one day at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. and faces the authorities. As if that weren’t enough, he even offers the FBI his criminal and terrorist contacts, which he has collected over the years on his very personal “blacklist”.


Designated Survivor (Netflix)

After a catastrophic attack on Washington D.C., in which the entire political leadership is killed, a hitherto insignificant member of the cabinet suddenly becomes the new US president. The newly appointed head of state Tom Kirkman is at first rather overwhelmed in his new office and therefore tries to keep a cool head first of all. But soon he realizes that a large-scale conspiracy is underway. From now on he does everything to prevent his country and his family from falling into chaos.


Breaking Bad (Netflix)

That’s what a show has to look like. Relatively short and limited to the essentials. The career of Walther White is phenomenal. From a little bourgeois chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug lord. Towards the end you can only hate Walt for his actions, and yet at the end you still have sympathy, almost compassion and understanding for Heisenberg.


House Of Cards (Netflix)

Another show that hasn’t let me go for a few nights! What can I say to Francis J. Underwood, grandiose? Corrupt, intriguing & at the same time mercilessly honest. Numerous unpredictable moments.


Narcos (Netflix)

My initial concerns whether the third season could maintain the high quality of the first and second season without Pablos Escobar were unfounded. The third season starts where it ended in the second: With a captivating plot and excitement. The actors are excellent. No trace of superfluous dialogues that are only meant to stretch time, no trace.


How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix)

I love it. There is a great danger of addiction here, because there is an independent case for each episode, but throughout the entire season there is a complex story, so-called flashbacks, which is told in fragments. I really thought “This can’t be” after every episode because it’s just unpredictable. It also doesn’t seem ridiculous at all despite the many twists, which is also due to the outstanding acting performance of Viola Davis! I love Annalise Keating.


Walking Dead (Netflix)

Good show. Zombies, End of our time, Survival, Survival, Food Shortage, Group Conflicts, Character Depth. The series has a lot to offer and has a high addiction factor. In the last two seasons, however, the series has lost quality. Too many different groups, very long-winded, too little action, stupid dialogues. Some character actions are illogical and incomprehensible.


Sons Of Anarchy (Netflix)

Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller is the vice president of a motorcycle gang involved in illegal business. His stepfather Clay, the president, doesn’t want to change that either, but Jax has concerns.


Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Season 1-3 were incredibly exciting and captivating. I loved the show. From season 4 middle and also the whole 5th season I find however not so great any more. The insurrection, the whole plot becomes a little unrealistic. In my opinion, many characters who were interesting and charismatic in the previous seasons are portrayed completely differently than at the beginning.


13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

“You can’t love someone back to life.”

What must happen for a young person to lose faith in the world and decide to cut their wrists? For 13 episodes, each episode treats a cassette and thus a person in Hannah’s life. Shortly before her suicide, she recorded the tapes.


Desperate Housewives (DVD)

That was the first series I really mourned when it ended.

No wonder, I’ve been following them for the whole 8 years, never missed an episode and looked forward to every new episode more than to the previous one. The women in Wisteria Lane lead a contemplative life, at least superficially. Intrigue and friendship are sometimes closer than expected.


Mr. Robot (Netflix)

The story revolves around Elliot, who is socially impaired. While he works during the day for the internet security of an influential company, at night he hangs around in the dark web and gets involved with the wrong people.


Stranger Things (Netflix)

The story about the disappeared Will and the strange elf fascinated me immediately and didn’t let go for a long time afterwards.

The series is certainly not lacking in creativity. Rarely have I been confronted with characters that are so complex and disturbing at the same time. Murder and lies, questions are raised, which were rarely or not at all answered.


Which shows tied you up and never let go? Let me know.

Love, Nathalie.

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