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“To reduce stress I do yoga. Just kidding. I watch 5 hours of Netflix in my yoga pants.”

After I’ve shared with you here my current series favourites some time ago, I have an updated list of what I am into now.

Suits (Netflix)

I love good lawyer series. The story begins with the highly talented college dropout and petty criminal Mike, who by chance finds himself in the situation of being able to impersonate a lawyer.

He meets the star lawyer Harvey, who hires him as a junior because he is enthusiastic about his thinking skills and recognizes his potential. The two work together, but Mike’s lack of a law degree threatens first the duo, then the entire firm. Of particular interest is the character of Louis, who is devoured by self insecurity and envy, who confuses himself and his surroundings.

I also find the development of the relationship between Harvey, who has a high IQ but a very low EQ, to be just as successful, and Donna has to explain how he should behave in his relationship so that he doesn’t turn everyone against him, and the naive, nice but criminal Mike, who in the beginning slides from one problem to the next.

In between I felt a little reminded of “House of Cards”, not as far as the staging is concerned, but because of the criminal energies that must be present in the financial world in order to move forward.


Narcos: Mexico (Netflix)

The first three seasons of the mother series “Narcos” were outstanding. When the new season of the Narcos spin-off “Narcos: Mexico” was due for screening, I was sceptical at first. Other actors. And the plot is now to be set in Mexico. What’s that supposed to do? What I saw, however, was the usual top quality of the “Narcos makers”, which finally convinced me 🙂

The season is about the history of the Mexican Guardajara cartel, which became big and powerful in the 1980s with drug smuggling into the USA. During the action itself, the millimetre ruler must not be used throughout to measure all points, because here and there inaccuracies and inconsistencies can be found. But please, this is not a mathematically exact scientific documentary, but a filmic fiction created primarily for entertainment purposes 😉 And these irregularities are excellently compensated with tension and a captivating sequence, so that they do not really catch the eye.


The Sinner (Netflix)

During a trip with her family, a young mother throws herself at a man without any warning and brutally stabs him with a knife. He’s dying. She testifies that she’s never seen the man before. They say she has no idea why she killed him. But what is really behind it? The eight-part series is incredibly well done and brings with it many unexpected twists.

The characters are deeply digging, as spectators one looks into mental abysses. The series was nominated for the Golden Globes in 2018. There’s also already a second season with another case with Detective Ambrose that is drawing me in.


Glitch (Netflix)

Actually, the small Australian town of Yoorana is a tranquil place where people know each other and where the atmosphere is good. One day, however, something strange happens: six people who had recently died return from their graves. Now the dead are among the living again and panic breaks out in Yoorana. What do these strange events mean? Could this be the end of the world?


American Vandal (Netflix)

Dylan Maxwell looks like a normal boy at first glance. But if you take a closer look at him, you’ll soon find that Dylan has a strong penchant for drawing dicks wherever possible. Teachers regularly discover a work by the up-and-coming artist on their blackboard, while classmates can enjoy an unsolicited sketch in their homework book. Dylan’s the expert on penis pictures.

Very entertaining and well staged Mockumentary, who despite the abstruse starting position and well-dosed comedy elements never cuts the connection to the dramatic and serious. The occasionally interspersed and very seriously socio-critical passages, for example, do not fall out of place, but only clarify the parallels between “American Vandal” and the world around us. You can get thoughtful about that.


Sherlock (Netflix)

“Sherlock” is an ingenious and modern reinterpretation of the Doyle novels. Together with his faithful companion Dr. Watson, Sherlock solves tricky cases. Also in the remake they live in Baker Street, but in the 21st century. Cumberbatch and Freeman harmonize in front of the camera and despite the long episodes (approx. 1.5 h) it’s a lot of fun to watch them play detective. Visually and also story moderately a real series highlight.


What are your (Netflix) series tips? Let me know with pleasure.

Love, Nathalie.

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