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Sydney – Bondi Food Hotspots

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I don’t think there’s a restaurant I’ve visited more often than SHUK. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner (on Wednesdays there is recently a ‘vegan night’ with a menu that enchants the senses).
In my opinion, the best sourdough in the world. Really heavy, thick and still warm slices. I’m an absolute bread lover anyway. Add some avocado and fresh olive oil and I’m happy.
Fresh orange juice, coffee and homemade granola with coconut yoghurt round off the whole more than perfectly.
Website: http://www.shukbondi.com/

Preach Cafe

In my opinion, everything is just right here. The service (the staff are incredibly friendly, courteous and personal), the atmosphere, the feeling and most importantly, the Eating.
No matter if ‘Activated Charcoal Acai Bowl’ – ‘Triple Chia Bowl’ or just a Juice, Smoothie or Coffee – here you do nothing wrong with any choice.
Bondi Beach is of course a very touristic location, but the cliché of a simple standard cafe is missed by miles.
The furnishings are classic, in warm colours and flooded with light.
If you manage to get the table right at the front, JACKPOT.
But it’s not that easy, because the cafe is always very busy and well visited.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/preachcafe/

Bondi Hardware

We had Margeritas + sweet-potato fries and it was on of the best cocktails I have had since I moved to Australia. We were absolutely satisfied by the food, service and atmosphere. A great restaurant & worth every cent.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/bondihardware/

Harry’s Bondi

The coffee here is amazing. Service, outstanding and the food is very adventurous. I had avocado tahini with mushrooms. I could not fault the dish. All the flavors complement each other perfectly and each ingredient doesn’t overpower the other. Im very impressed and highly recommend this place.
Website: https://harrysbondi.com.au

Funky Pies

Great variety of different sorts of vegan pies & desserts.
The milkshakes are delicious, with different plant-based milk options available.
All in all a very cozy, nicely decorated small vegan restaurant.
Website: https://funkypies.com.au/home.html


Love this spot. You’re given water on arrival accompanied by a big smile. Staff are kind and there are lots of locals. Gets very crowded. It’s a lovely experience all in all and the açai bowl worth it a try.
Website: http://www.thedepotbondi.com

Lox Stock & Barrel

Excellent service, delicious food. Very happy to accommodate vegans. Such a lovely meal experience. Will definitely return more often. Tipp: Quinoa-Chia. Damn, so good.
Website: http://www.loxstockandbarrel.com.au

Vida Surf Store

Had coffee down at Vida this morning and I think it is one of the best in Bondi – I’ve been coming here since it opened. Yes it can get pretty busy at times but it’s popular for a reason. They have the amazing bowls and meals.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vida-Surf-Store/1773886729526996


I love this place. Have been several times and it’s always been a lovely experience. The food is presented beautifully and tastes just as satisfying. A lot of vegan options available. Pancakes, a must.
Website: https://www.speedoscafe.com.au


This place is known for its coffee. Gusto has a decent variety of food for breakfast and a sandwich menu. Price is the expected around Bondi. Haven’t found a coffee shop with as much vibe as Gusto in Sydney. Acai bowl and iced almond latte. Every month.
Website: http://www.gustoespressobar.com.au

Little Corner

The perfect Bondi spot. Light and airy, great food, perfect coffee and friendly staff. It just opened last month, but the new owner previously ran the very popular Lyne Park cafe at Rose Bay. My tip: Acai bowl and vegan shakshuka – STUNNING.

Vegan Lebanese Street Food

I am plant-based and loved every mouthful of the platters, but I guarantee everyone no matter their normal dietary choices will love it here. It is simply epic Lebanese cooking.
Website: https://veganlebanese.com.au

Bennett St Dairy

The coffee is superb, food is absolutely delicious, and the staff are always smiling. There’s usually a wait list for a table around peak times, but put your name down and grab a coffee, the wait is definitely worth it. The menu has plenty of choice and all good sized portions. I can highly recommend the passionfruit bircher. You will love it. Promise.
Website: http://www.bennettstdairy.com.au

Enjoy all the amazing food spots.
Love, Nathalie.

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